How to Choose the Right Scalp Micropigmentation Artist/Company

The first major step in your Scalp Micropigmentation journey will be finding the right artist and company for you. This is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout this journey, if not the most important. Choosing the right Scalp Micropigmentation Artist means not worrying about most of the things that can go…

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Before/After Care and Skin Health By Dawn Oguri & Joe Barghi

SMP Aftercare 1

After completing my SMP training program, I began apprenticing under Joe Barghi at Full Micropigmentation, watching as he deals with different types of clients with different types of skin, regimens, and health. It’s really interesting to me when some patients come in for their procedure with Joe and they don’t properly care for their scalp…

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Dawn’s SMP Training Journey with FULL Scalp

SMP Training in Las Vegas

Why I Chose FULL for Scalp Micropigmentation Training I first learned about scalp micropigmentation from a friend who was interested in taking a training course from an SMP artist in another state. Once I looked deeper into SMP, I was blown away by the results of this procedure. I have been a hairstylist on the…

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How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

before and after smp touch up

This is a very common concern and question that comes up in every consultation. How long does scalp micropigmentation really last!? I see claims out there that this will last 10 years or forever or only a year, etc. Most of these claims are incorrect, and a result of inexperience. If the artist is depositing…

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How FULL Helped Tom Get a Rockin’ New Look

Client Tom 80s Rockstar

Tom is a well rounded, successful family man and father of 2 beautiful girls in Virginia. He was looking for the Best SMP Artist in the country and found Joe Barghi after doing extensive research on who can give him the most natural, undetectable scalp micorpigmentation results possible. He flew to Vegas from Virginia for…

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Full Micropigmentation on The Morning Blend, Again!

Joe on The Morning Blend

We were thrilled to be invited to chat on The Morning Blend speaking with Shawn and JJ again this week! If you didn’t get to see it live, take a look below! Our founder, Joe Barghi, talks about how and why he founded Full Micropigmentation – the first and most experienced SMP company in Las…

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Nevan’s Life-Changing SMP Journey

Nevan came to me to discuss his hair loss story, and right away I felt a connection with him. He’s a very intelligent guy, with a great life story, constantly learning and evolving, has built different businesses, reads a ton, and has so much knowledge about life in general. I really enjoy learning from these…

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Successful Scar Cover-up by FULL Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Services in Las Vegas - FULL Micropigmentation Before and Ater 2

We recently had the opportunity to do a scar cover-up with our scalp micropigmentation. Our client, Mike, had long been dealing with a scar on his head but finally came to us as a result of some hair loss as well. Mike has had this scar from a major surgery he had when he was…

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FULL Micropigmentation on

We are proud to have been featured recently on! Click here to check it out! “Founded in 2010, Vegas Seven is a weekly city magazine that has emerged as Las Vegas’ most dynamic, innovative and visually interesting publication. With each issue, readers not only better understand their city, but how to live their lives…

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