How FULL Helped Tom Get a Rockin’ New Look

Client Tom 80s Rockstar

Tom is a well rounded, successful family man and father of 2 beautiful girls in Virginia. He was looking for the Best SMP Artist in the country and found Joe Barghi after doing extensive research on who can give him the most natural, undetectable scalp micorpigmentation results possible. He flew to Vegas from Virginia for each of his 3 sessions with Joe at Full Micropigmentation. As you can see from the photos, Tom wasn't always bald. He had a FULL head of beautiful long hair in his rocker days as a bass player in a 1980's Rock Band.

Client Tom in 80s Band

Unfortunately, like a lot of us, Tom started losing his hair with age. He tried everything from propecia, rogaine, mulitple FUT hair transplants, hair makeup, and much more. The FUT transplants left him with a few thousand hairs, instead of the 100,000+ hairs he would need to have the FULL look he was looking to regain. The transplants also left him with some nasty hair transplant scars on the back of his head, scars he didn't even realize how bad they were until he shaved his head for the treatment. In the end, he realized his thinning hair and comb over was not the look he wanted to live with for the rest of his life so he made the leap, trusted us, and shaved his head.

Tom Before After Shaving

He had to make a change! So he came to Joe at Full Micro and after meeting him, we were very excited to give him the biggest transformation of his life! As you can see from the photos, Tom's 2nd and 3rd sessions were a MASSIVE change from where he started when he first arrived at our clinic. Over 150,000 follicle replications were tactfully placed into his scalp, creating the illusion of a Natural, Full head of hair. His scars are almost undetectable now! He wanted to keep the form of his natural hairline, so he and Joe decided to follow the shape of his natural, soft, broken hairline, bringing it down just a bit, but not too much to where it looks fake or drawn out. He wanted to keep his widows peak as well, which isn't common, but looks very natural in his case!

New Tom Before After 2

This is definitely one of our favorite clients and stories of the year so far, and we're very excited for Tom as he enters a new chapter in his life as a brand new man! A younger, more vibrant man, who needs not to worry about the wind, or going into pools, or to the beach, and can live freely and comfortably with his new look! It was an honor being able to help Tom with such a massive transformation, and helping him regain his youthful self confidence as a result.

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Tom before pics of FUT Scars 1
Tom New Healed Results 2

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