Lead Master SMP Artist - Joe Barghi

About the Best SMP Artist in Las Vegas, NV

In 2015, Joe Barghi discovered Micropigmentation, and immediately following his final session, he became fascinated with learning more about this amazing art-form. As an artist and through his own personal experience, he realized the power of SMP and how it can help change people's lives for the better, giving them the power to live confident, fulfilling, happy lives. After seeking one of the most experienced SMP artists in the world, taking the time to learn and apprentice under him, and putting in thousands of hours mastering his craft, Joe knew it was time to launch his vision: FULL Micropigmentation, a cutting edge, forward thinking, & continually evolving Scalp Micropigmentation Company that provides the most modern solution available today for hair loss. Turning a passion, a life-long mission, and a love for helping others into a rewarding and successful business, Joe had found his calling.

“Micropigmentation has not only emotionally impacted my clients, but it has also changed my life for the better. There is no better feeling or business than one where you’re able to impact the lives of those around you so deeply and positively. My philosophy in life always revolves around giving, as it is in giving that we receive.”

Joe Barghi – Founder/CEO

Best SMP Artist in Las Vegas, NV

Joe Barghi's Training Background, Experience, & Accolades

  • Founder of and Lead Master Artist at FULL Micropigmentation
  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Certified Artist
  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Trainer
  • Zang SMP & HIS Hair Clinic Master Certified Artist
  • Artistic background with the utmost attention to detail and a and a deep desire to help others.
  • Joe is one of the premier and most sought after SMP Artists in the world. With many years of Micropigmentation experience, thousands of sessions completed, and hundreds of artists trained under him, Joe has perfected the art of Micropigmentation creating the most realistic looking hairline humanly possible.
  • Being in the entertainment capital of the world, Joe is regularly requested by Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, singers, entertainers, business owners, and everyday people who want to go to the best for their SMP procedure. Joe is the Founder of our company and still works on clients and trains new artists from around the world regularly. He has also personally handpicked a few elite FULL artists over the past few years who have now become Full Micro Master Artists under his apprenticeship.
  • Over 20 years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing, Music Production, Client Relations, and Business Development.
  • Trained and apprenticed with the originators of Scalp Micropigmentation technology shortly after it was first developed in the United Kingdom and introduced in the states.
  • Trained and apprenticed alongside Zang of HIS Hair Institute & Zang SMP, one of the most sought after and experienced SMP artists in the world.
  • Has used his experience to combine the best aspects of multiple SMP techniques from around the world in order to create his own unique FULL technique, creating the most natural hairline possible, and also creating the most relaxing and comfortable overall experience for clients when they visit Full.
  • Has personally trained hundreds of upcoming SMP Artists around the world.
  • Has completed thousands of SMP Sessions and has perfected the art of SMP.
  • Has performed SMP on many well known celebrities and athletes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This list includes A-list actors, NFL/NBA players, grammy award winning music artists, and some of the top comedians and performers on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Regarded as of the most respected SMP Artists in the world, with some of the most realistic results possible.
  • Uses the highest quality equipment, needles, ink, and is continually striving for perfection, updating/teaching new techniques every year as technology progresses.
  • Joe has used all of his previous years of training, working, and perfecting SMP to create the most educational and useful Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program available in the world today. Training most of his students 1 on 1 and giving them his full on attention in each training.
  • All FULL Micro Master Artists have apprenticed under Joe for at least 1 year before they begin working on FULL clients. This ensures the highest quality work, and that the procedure is done with the utmost attention to detail. We never hire artists off the street looking for a technician job. They must go through our training program and apprenticeship organically, and then prove themselves to be the best of the best before working on any of our clients.