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At FULL, we live and work by example. The owners here are more passionate about their business than anyone you've ever met. They've had the procedure done themselves and truly believe in the quality of our brand, product, and services. They have a deep, burning desire to help others realize their maximum potential in life, with the utmost Confidence at all times. With many years of combined experience, we’ve treated hundreds of clients and have fully customized our process from start to finish, delivering the ultimate SMP experience.

Our Treatment Center is beautifully furnished, modern, comfortable and welcoming, giving you a very surreal, relaxing, and spa-type experience. Our staff is ready to cater to your every need, and our highly trained and experienced technicians are the best in the world. During the procedure, you will have your choice of any movie, show, sports, or some chill-out music in a zen-like environment to give you the most comfortable and inviting experience possible. We are continually striving to be the best and we will continue to contribute to the evolution of SMP service and technology.

We treat all our clients with courtesy and professionalism at all times, and compassion, respect, and confidentiality underpin everything we do. We will never lose our way and put profit before people. We know this commitment is important to our customers, and we’re proud of the service we deliver. We truly enjoy giving people their Confidence back,giving them a positive, life-changing experience, and watching the look on their faces immediately after their procedure is done. We want to see you leave with the same smile that we had on our faces when we originally experienced Scalp Micropigmentation. This is why we are in the business.

More reasons why FULL is the Only choice

#1 – We use the best machines in the world

Our competitors use permanent makeup machines with a 3mm stroke length. We found that better results are achieved with a longer stroke length, so we purchased the world’s only scalp micropigmentation machine delivering 5mm.

Although we’re still hitting just the top layers of skin, a longer stroke means more ink is deposited, resulting in less fading, fewer sessions required, and ultimately better results.

5175 - Marvin of FULL Micropigmentation in Las Vegas
Best Needles - Marvin of FULL Micropigmentation in Las Vegas

#2 – We use the best needles in the world

Like their machines, our competitors use permanent makeup needles to perform scalp micropigmentation. These needles are too large, and create dots that are too wide to correctly simulate real hair follicles.

At FULL, our needles are 75% smaller than commercially available needles, resulting in smaller follicle replications and more realistic results.

#3 – We use the best ink in the world

Tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments are regularly used by many of our competitors. These inks are made up of blue, green and purple constituent colors. When they’re broken down by your immune system or by ultraviolet rays from the sun, the black ink separates and changes color, just like the ink used in a regular body tattoo does. On the scalp, this change can take less than a couple of months.

Our pigments are 100% Organic with no color additives. They cannot break down into other colors because they contain NO CONSTITUENT COLORS. This is critical.

You might have heard of other providers inks turning blue, but it never happens at FULL. That’s why we’re recommended by the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Progress - Las Vegas, NV

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