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SMP Touch Up Procedures

You may have already had a scalp micropigmentation procedure done years ago, and feel like changing your hair line, touching up some areas, or giving the whole scalp a fresh new layer to make your SMP nice and fresh again. Touch ups usually require only one session since you will retain some of your original treatment. Because of this, a touch-up treatment costs much less than your original procedure which is 3 sessions or more.

SMP Procedures Lighten Up Over Time

On average, our clients will need a touch up treatment every 3-5 years or so, however this varies from person to person, and for some it can be sooner or later than the average time-frame. Many factors can contribute to this including artist experience, your genetics, skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, ethnicity, and maintenance regimen. Here at FULL Micro, our ink fades at a much slower rate than any other SMP ink. If you went to another provider, the pigments that were used may bleed or fade over a shorter period of time.

After many years, pigment lightening is a normal. If you’ve noticed your SMP is no longer looking its very best, we can recreate your look from when you first had your procedure, or change it completely, usually enhancing it during the touch up session. Fading is natural and not always a bad thing as you age gracefully. Some people like the hard edge-up when younger, but a more natural look as they age, and this happens naturally over time with any treatment. Meaning you can change your hairstyle and hair-line, and aren’t stuck with the same exact look for the rest of your life.

Touch Up, New Look, Or Simply A Refresh

Whether you just want to add density, want a stronger hair line, a more conservative natural look, or an SMP correction, we can do all this and more. We can even arrange for the removal of unwanted pigments if required. Wherever you had your original procedure, we can refresh, enhance or alter your style to reflect exactly how you want to appear now. Here at FULL Micropigmentation, you have more flexibility than you think, and we're happy to guide you in the right direction. Whenever you think it's time, come in for a free consultation, and we will assess how much fading has occurred, and what we can do with our current technology and experience to enhance your SMP to be better than every before!

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