Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas location of Full Micropigmentation is the original flagship location and acts as our headquarters where we developed our company & technique, book all the procedures, hold training programs, and offer free consultations from. This location is lead by our Founder, Joe Barghi, along with a couple master artists he has personally trained and hand picked. Being the first company to introduce Micropigmentation to Las Vegas in 2016 was a major breakthrough for us and for the industry. We have since treated and trained thousands of people from around the world in this vibrant city! And most of them don't mind having an excuse to visit Las Vegas.

Scalp Micropigmentation - Las Vegas NV
FULL Micropigmentation - Las Vegas NV - Lobby
FULL Micropigmentation - Las Vegas NV - Front Door
FULL Micropigmentation - Las Vegas NV - Waiting Room