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Joe Barghi has had a very interesting life, full of travel, love, adventures along with a relentless drive, passion to help others, eagerness to learn, and many accomplishments and accolades. A very unique life path has led him to where he is now as the main investor, CEO, and President of FULL Micropigmentation, a company he whole-heartedly believes in, and has set out to ensure this company becomes the leading Scalp Micropigmentation company in the World.

Joe originally resides from San Jose, California, where he was raised by his loving parents along with his loving sister in a small town called Los Gatos. In his early days, passionate about music, he relocated to Las Vegas, toured the world dj'ing, and producing electronic music. It was a passion and hobby that eventually morphed into a successful career, touring many different parts of the world for about years. He did all of this while going to school, eventually graduating with multiple degrees from UNLV. His educational and professional background is in Computer Science and Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Music Production, Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Investments, Problem Solving, and Poker Statistics. After earning his degrees, and starting a family, Joe decided to dive back into the car business which is the business he grew up around. He created a conceptual vision of having an online/indoor showroom of very unique luxury/muscle cars, and turned that vision into a reality, and eventually, a very profitable business. Joe had a passion for rare cars since he was a little boy and turned that passion into a successful business with 888 Motors, a luxury car showroom in Las Vegas, with over $10,000,000 in annual sales revenue. Joe’s always been one to follow his dreams, and do what he truly loves doing, yet working extremely hard with the utmost discipline to achieve his goals. A fast learner since he was a young child, nothing was ever handed to him, it was always earned through discipline and hard work.

Joe’s talents now include business development, helping others achieve their full potential, managing/teaching/motivating people, consulting, and philanthropy work. Helping others has always been a big motivator for Joe, whether be it his family, daughters, or others in need. All roads meet or end somewhere…Joe’s business experience, education, love for life, and passion for helping others has led him to this point in life and his decision to leave everything else behind, and launch FULL Micropigmentation.

You see, Joe has dealt with male pattern baldness and thinning since he was 21 years old. Not something any young male likes dealing with from such an early age. Always being very health and image conscious, Joe decided to try the FUT hair transplant procedure at the age of 24, the best option at the time (or so he thought). This procedure helped with adding 3,000 hair follicles to his thinning hair, but left a nasty scar on the back of his head, and 3,000 hair follicles really doesn’t do much when the average full head of hair has over 100,000 hair follicles. The math just didn’t add up, and with time, Joe lost most of his native hair as well. So he dealt with this the only way he knew how at the time, he started shaving his head around 30 years old. But he knew with the technology out there, there had to be a way to fix this problem, and being the problem solver that he is, Joe researched relentlessly, and stumbled upon a new technology that came from England not too long ago: Scalp Micropigmentation aka ‘SMP’. He decided to give it a shot for his own head, and it turned out to be one of the best things he’s ever done for himself, his appearance, and for his self-confidence. He quickly realized the potential in such a fulfilling, life-changing, easy, and relatively inexpensive procedure. He thought about how he could share this technology with the world and the many people out there who would benefit from this life-changing experience. Knowing he had the power, knowledge, and skill to do something special, he quickly sought the best SMP artists in the world, trained and apprenticed under them for years, mastered the skill, and then launched Full Micropigmentation. And so, in 2016, FULL Micropigmentation was born.

Joe currently resides in Henderson, NV, with his beautiful, loving wife, Kate, son, and their 2 daughters.

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