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This philosophy is the foundation that underpins everything we do here at FULL. We are one of the most respected, modern, and recommended SMP companies in the world, because we know how to take care of our clients, and we truly love what we do. We understand that this is a lifetime commitment for you, and therefore it is a lifetime commitment for us as well. Please let us know about your experience and if there's anyway we can improve it for you!

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FULL Micropigmentation
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 96 reviews
 by Kara Olson
SMP training

I’m a hair stylist from California and was visiting my family in Las Vegas and thought I should look into SMP training and after reading many reviews I decided to go with Full Scalp. I am so glad I did! Joe was able to clearly go over the fundamentals of what SMP entails and be prepared, it’s A LOT! But once we got to the phase of actually working on a person, everything he taught us all came together and I got a burst of confidence. I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was to be honest. You definitely need to have patience and to be able to reset when you feel overwhelmed, and that will happen. But with Joe, he is willing to offer support and guidance as you begin your SMP journey. Which is huge in my book. I already warned him I’m probably going to be sending him lots of photos and text in the beginning. I throughly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish and Joe and his team make you feel so comfortable. We learned but also had a lot of fun too. Hands down this was the best training and professionalism that I was looking for. Thanks again Joe! 👍

 by Tim
You've come to the right place

If you're considering SMP, I would strongly recommend that you set up a consultation with Joe at Full Micropigmentation. His work is excellent, he listens to all your concerns, makes sure you are comfortable, and if by some miracle, you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of the treatment, he will do whatever is necessary to make it right and ensure you are thrilled with the new look. I am very happy that I chose Joe to perform my SMP. I am extremely picky, much more than the average person, so to be up to my standards is not a simple task.

 by Jessie

Joe and his staff were amazing! Not only are they professional but they really make you feel like family. I could not be happier with my new look.

Thanks Joe!

 by Peter
Forver Young !!!

Let me start here I have curly wavy hair I'm middle eastern and I am 25 years of age my hair is still all intake for now !! but I decide to go for the procedure now do to my family genes my cousins starting losing there hair around 28 to 35 my father completely lost his hair and I'm a good looking dude I'd like to think but for me to lose my hair would destroy myself esteem I did a lot of research came across joe on facebook instagram and told myself I needed to do this 3 sessions one month later i feel sexy confident and youthful I am forever grateful for the amazing great work that was done on my head blessed to come across Joe thank you brother !!! these pictures do not nearly cut it to be honest!!

 by Aliaksandra
Thank you 🙏

No words to express how grateful and lucky I am to take a 3 days of SMP training with Joe! His patient and dedication to the details is priceless! A true artist! And the best in his craft! Can’t wait to start the SMP journey!

 by Kaye Castro
Joe’s the best in the SMP industry!

I had free time back in June 2021 and decided I wanted to do Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as a side hustle aside from being a nurse. Since my sister is a permanent makeup artist and has her own business doing Microblading, Microshading, Lip Blushing and some other things I thought I should also do something similar and get my foot in the door of the beauty industry. I found out about SMP and researched where to learn it best. I then found Joe Barghi’s website online. How? Simple, I just Googled SMP classes in Las Vegas, compared the different websites, their reviews, their works on their IGs or other socmed, and boom, I found Joe’s work the best and most aesthetically pleasing hands down.

Working with Joe was an amazing experience. He is a master in this field, very meticulous, in fact, somewhat OCD when it comes to doing his work. He was very accommodating and answered our questions in an honest, no bullsh*t way. What I also really liked about him is that he did share his secrets to us, his students, including where to get supplies, how to do certain things, and advices that we, as newbies entering the SMP field, would find helpful as we embark on this new journey, how to start our own business and how to approach/deal with clients.

I also like how Joe is very approachable and helpful. Imagine paying to take a class thousands of dollars and after the class is done, you can no longer get ahold of the person you signed up with. That’s not Joe! Lol! You thought! Anyway, whenever I text or call Joe inquiring about things, needing advice or any help about SMP, he’s there to listen to my needs, answer my questions and give me professional advice. I appreciate that about him! Also, the fact that he is a family man and very humble!!! You won’t even know that he’s very good at SMP when you talk to him. Yeah, he’s that humble and easy to talk to. He’s very friendly but also strict, straightforward and will put you to your place 😅.

He doesn’t play when it comes to SMP; he does it and he teaches it with passion, respect to the art and knowledge about the science behind it. If you are looking to get your SMP done, you better have Joe do it. You pay for quality when you sign up with him! It’s a lifetime sacrifice and commitment so choose the best! The same goes with the training—if you are looking for an SMP training to take, sign up with my guy, Joe. You will never regret it and you will be very grateful you took it with him!

If I decide I want to do a refresher course in the future I’d go with Joe again. That’s how I trust and respect this guy. Thank you, Joe. It was a pleasure working with you. Please don’t change. Hopefully when I visit LV again, I’d come and sit through your SMP procedure/class again. 🙌🏼 oh btw, I had my first client consultation yesterday. Woohoo! Thank you, Joe!

 by Tiffin Hague
Extremely Happy!

I just had my first session of scalp micro pigmentation and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I was noticing some thinning around my front hairline in the last year or so and after doing some research decided to pull the trigger and try SMP. I’m so happy I did because the experience was wonderful. Joe and Megan are so professional and I felt really comfortable. The office is beautiful and clean and I just can’t say enough good things! I love the results and don’t feel self conscious anymore about my hairline! 10 out of 10 would recommend 🙂

 by TMS
Couldnt be happier

Want to say thank you Joe. Had lived with other options for years and was never happy with it. Showering, swimming, so many of life's daily activities that I couldn't do with confidence. Joe is amazing at what he does. The whole experience turned out to be a blessing, I am so thankful i chose him to do my work and honestly changed my life.

 by Romario
Touch Up

Recently went to Joe for a touch up and it’s been around 10 days since the session and I’m really happy about the results. He listened to my concerns and executed them. A+

 by D. James
Highly recommend!

Through trial and error, I’ve learned that SMP is the best option for hair loss. Full Micropigmentation is by far the best SMP business in southern Nevada. Before reviewing SMP, I thoroughly researched all SMP clinics in town. There are many clinics that will tell you what you want hear, but they cannot deliver. In fact, many kept showing me the same five (or so) photos, which is a major red flag. Their promises seemed like a sales pitch, and were simply unrealistic. In addition, how is the their SMP going to look on you down the road? A lot didn’t know because they were relatively new. When I met with Full, I had a completely different experience. The owner, Joe, has a database of thousands of photos that back up his work. Joe has been in the SMP business longer than anyone in town, and he was trained and mentored from one of the pioneering UK artists. He is confident and takes pride in his work. Further, Joe is open and honest with you, which displays his ethics. He is fully committed to making sure you are satisfied with your results. (See the posted photos of my results). I cannot believe how realistic the pigment is, as it looks exactly like hair follicles. Lastly, I want to say that during my SMP sessions, it was a pleasure getting to know Joe. He truly (and holistically) cares about his clients - your appearance, self-esteem, health, wellness, etc. Needless to say, I highly recommend Full Micropigmentation!

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