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FULL Micropigmentation
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 113 reviews
 by Mike
Full Micro

I’ve been researching what to do with my balding head for years. I’ve tried Minoxidil, finasteride, shampoos, have had multiple consults for hair transplantation, you name it - I either did it or looked into it. Nothing seemed to work and a transplant just wasn’t for me as I’ve heard of and seen for myself not so great results from it. I finally settled on micropigmentation and I’m so happy with the decision.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing micropigmentation services from Full Micro in Henderson, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The owner brought this service to the Las Vegas area years ago so he and his tech (who he personally trained) are who you want doing this to your head. He is very meticulous about everything. The staff was incredibly professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The attention to detail and precision demonstrated was truly impressive. I am thrilled with the natural-looking outcome, and it has significantly boosted my confidence. I highly recommend this services to anyone looking to enhance their appearance.

 by Stephanie
Game changer for me!

I feel so fortunate to have found Joe and Full Micropigmentation! I've dealt with thinning hair as a woman for over 20 years and it has been a struggle. I've tried everything under the sun to improve the appearance of my hair with little to no result. My confidence has definitely taken a hit from the hair thinning. Joe and his team are kind caring and knowledgeable. I was nervous at first, but was quickly put at ease. My hair looks sooo much better now. I haven't pulled it back from my forehead in years and since my last session I've been doing it regularly and I even have a widow's peak hairline again! I'm truly grateful to Joe and cannot say enough about his expertise. Do yourself a favor and book a consult with Joe! You won't regret it.

 by Thomas

Joe did an excellent job giving me a refresh. It’s been a few years since I had my first. It truly is life changing and how I see myself. Joe is the best in Las Vegas and I highly recommend you at least come and ask questions and just know it is totally worth it.

 by Howard

I love my new look very much, joe is very serious and does every detail well, I am so lucky to find joe,thank you

 by K W N
One in a million!

Joe is an artist, a true gentleman, and a consummate professional. He is very attentive and tries to understand the appearance you are going for. I was nervous and concerned prior to my first session. All those concerns were alleviated after the first session. Everything looked so incredibly natural, including the hairline. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe and Full Micropigmentation – a resounding 5 stars! Thank you, Joe!

 by Daveon
Life changing!

My experience with Joe and Micro Pigmentation was 5 ⭐️!!! I was super nervous before my consultation but Joe was the ultimate professional and he was sure to ease all of my nerves. Joe met with me and my girlfriend and he had all of our questions answered before we even had to ask. The establishment was absolutely amazing! It is clean, comfortable, and has a nice ambiance. Joe made the process super easy and stress free for me as he was always available to answer any questions I had during the process. I couldn’t be more happier with the finished product and I would have to describe it as life changing. Joe and Micro Pigmentation gave me my confidence back and a piece of me I had been missing for many many years. If you are someone who is experiencing hair loss and are having reservations about scalp micropigmentation. I highly recommend you to book an appointment with Joe and I promise you won’t regret it! You’ll be upset you hadn’t done it sooner. Thank you Joe and Full Micropigmentation!!!

 by Dionne R.
Highly Recommend

I am totally in love with my new look and I owe it all to Joe who did a remarkable job. The decision as a woman to shave my head caused some anxiety at first but sitting down with Joe for the initial consultation put my worries to rest. He takes his time with each session and makes you feel like he values you as a client. He and I talked about his personal SMP journey and that he knows the psychological impact of hair loss. SMP is not just a job, it's his passion. If you want the best SMP artist in Las Vegas go see Joe at FULL Micropigmentation.

 by Nico Fonzi
Beyond Expectations

I couldn't recommend Joe more! He has a wealth of knowledge and experience (both personal and professional) that he offers his clients. In addition, it is evident that he takes so much pride in his work and truly cares about the finished product, and his clients overall satisfaction. Joe provided me with pre and post care instructions which were so easy to follow. Specifying what to do and what not to do based on the days leading up to the session, and then following the session. He would even message me and check in days afterwards to ask how I was feeling and how the healing process was going. I couldn't recommend this man more. I am so happy that I went with him and that I decided to liberate myself by shaving my head and allowing Joe to create me a new hairline all while adding density to the top and back of my head. Thank you again Joe, appreciate you and your commitment!

 by Brian
SMP Training - Worth Every Penny

I recently had the privilege to study under Joe Barghi, and was thoroughly impressed with Joe’s personability and professionalism. His years of experience and pursuit of excellence places his SMP training above any others out there. If you are looking for the highest quality training, look no further!

 by Toshimitsu Imai
The best SMP artist in Vegas!

Joe is known for his professionalism and is very passionate about his work.

He helped me change my life through SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation), and I was right to choose Joe over other competitors. He paid great attention to my personal preferences and requests as if my hair loss was his own problem.

If you live in Vegas and are considering SMP, look no further than FULL Micropigmentation!
Seriously, it is a life-changing experience. You will not regret it.

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