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Quality is the benchmark of our company and just like in any other business, you must look after your customers first, and in return, they will look after you. Our philosophy: Treat every client with respect, like family, and they will not only stay loyal to you, but they will refer their friends and family to you as well. Referrals are our greatest source of advertising, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

This philosophy is the foundation that underpins everything we do here at FULL. We are one of the most respected, modern, and recommended SMP companies in the world, because we know how to take care of our clients, and we truly love what we do. We understand that this is a lifetime commitment for you, and therefore it is a lifetime commitment for us as well. Please let us know about your experience and if there's anyway we can improve it for you!

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FULL Micropigmentation
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 104 reviews
 by Toshimitsu Imai
The best SMP artist in Vegas!

Joe is known for his professionalism and is very passionate about his work.

He helped me change my life through SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation), and I was right to choose Joe over other competitors. He paid great attention to my personal preferences and requests as if my hair loss was his own problem.

If you live in Vegas and are considering SMP, look no further than FULL Micropigmentation!
Seriously, it is a life-changing experience. You will not regret it.

 by Abigail

I came from slc to learn from the best! Joe is an outstanding hands on instructor. He is charismatic and wants you to excel in your career. Worth every penny, 10/10 will recommend to everyone!

 by David D.

I'll keep this review short. You can see my full-reviews on Yelp or Facebook.

Joe and Tommy did an outstanding job on my head. I really had no urge to get it done, but now I can't imagine myself without it. Joe's attention to detail is superb, and Tommy is catching on really quickly. This being a procedure that everyone will see, you gotta make sure it is done right.

Hairline... I've missed you so much.. please don't you ever leave me again lol :'D

 by Sarah

I have been thinning for many years now, and have tried everything from hair make up to pills, injections, shampoos, you name it. Nothing ever worked so I felt drained and was ready to give up until I found Joe. I couldn't believe how natural the results looked on his site. He told me it would take 3 sessions to build the darkness and density that I desired with my long thinning hair. I saw results instantly after the first session. Each session from there just got better and better. The process was easy, he was a pleasure to be around, and the clinic has great vibes. I can say my confidence now has skyrocketed, I don't have to cover up my hair with make-up or styling it a certain way. I can go to any event, to the gym, pools, and all with the confidence I have been missing for years. My only regret is not going to see him sooner. Thank you Joe!

 by Brandon
Joe is great at what he does

I was fortunate to find out about SMP, and about Joe, because my friend was trained by him. She lives in another state and told me to DM Joe, since we’re both in LV. So I did on IG, he was responsive and we set up a consultation in office. The price point felt high but I decided to go thru with it after doing some research. I’m glad that I did because you can tell Joe takes pride in his work and makes sure you are satisfied with the results before calling it ‘complete’. It makes such a huge difference who you go with for this type of work as I’ve seen ‘bad’ work before and was nervous how it may end up being on me. Thankfully with Joe you’re in good hands. The work looks so real you’re gonna be amazed! The only thing you need to get used to, if you don’t alrdy, is shaving every few days, for the best look with SMP.

I really love how it all came together. Takes some patience but is more than worth it. Thank you Joe!

 by Justin G.

Thanks to Joe I feel more my age. I researched so many different smp artist in Las Vegas and other cities and after our consultation I was happy with my decision going with Joe. Seeing he went through the same experiences losing hair and how good his looked on him I was happy with my choice. I used to be embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror always wore a hat and was starting to give up on health and how I looked at myself. Now I feel my age and want to take care of myself and got my confidence back! I love my new look and can’t thank you enough Joe!!!

 by Steve Johannes
Best thing you will ever do!

Great experience with Joe! I had been through hairpieces and still always wore a hat. I stopped down to see Joe to see what this was all about. He has a top rate very nice place, that fits perfectly with the rest of the professionalism that this place has to offer.

I had never shaved my head before, so I was a little nervous about all that. I saw all the before/after pictures, and after talking with Joe and asking a bunch of questions that I’m sure he’s probably heard a million times, I knew I had come to the right place.

The 3 sessions I had were no problem at all and it was great walking out of even the first one with a new hairline!! I no longer wear a hat, and the compliments I get on how good I look with my head shaved has made my confidence great. It is so easy to maintain, and this place is DEFINITELY the best hair option out there. Thanks Joe!!

 by Chris D.
SMP Client

I did a lot of research before choosing FULL Micropigmentation because I wanted the best artist to complete the procedure. I met with Joe and I knew right away he was the right fit. I expected flawless completion of my procedure and received the very best work, which I’m 120% satisfied with. I talked to roughly 5 SMP specialist in town and California. Joe was actually recommended by several SMP specialist due to his work and reputation. Joe is a perfectionist and takes his time to ensure his work is exquisite and exceeds client expectations. I highly recommend FULL and Joe because his business exudes professionalism, his work is second to none, and he is a great person with high integrity.

 by Kara Olson
SMP training

I’m a hair stylist from California and was visiting my family in Las Vegas and thought I should look into SMP training and after reading many reviews I decided to go with Full Scalp. I am so glad I did! Joe was able to clearly go over the fundamentals of what SMP entails and be prepared, it’s A LOT! But once we got to the phase of actually working on a person, everything he taught us all came together and I got a burst of confidence. I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was to be honest. You definitely need to have patience and to be able to reset when you feel overwhelmed, and that will happen. But with Joe, he is willing to offer support and guidance as you begin your SMP journey. Which is huge in my book. I already warned him I’m probably going to be sending him lots of photos and text in the beginning. I throughly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish and Joe and his team make you feel so comfortable. We learned but also had a lot of fun too. Hands down this was the best training and professionalism that I was looking for. Thanks again Joe! 👍

 by Tim
You've come to the right place

If you're considering SMP, I would strongly recommend that you set up a consultation with Joe at Full Micropigmentation. His work is excellent, he listens to all your concerns, makes sure you are comfortable, and if by some miracle, you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of the treatment, he will do whatever is necessary to make it right and ensure you are thrilled with the new look. I am very happy that I chose Joe to perform my SMP. I am extremely picky, much more than the average person, so to be up to my standards is not a simple task.

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