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FULL Micropigmentation
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 90 reviews
 by Tiffin Hague
Extremely Happy!

I just had my first session of scalp micro pigmentation and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I was noticing some thinning around my front hairline in the last year or so and after doing some research decided to pull the trigger and try SMP. I’m so happy I did because the experience was wonderful. Joe and Megan are so professional and I felt really comfortable. The office is beautiful and clean and I just can’t say enough good things! I love the results and don’t feel self conscious anymore about my hairline! 10 out of 10 would recommend 🙂

 by TMS
Couldnt be happier

Want to say thank you Joe. Had lived with other options for years and was never happy with it. Showering, swimming, so many of life's daily activities that I couldn't do with confidence. Joe is amazing at what he does. The whole experience turned out to be a blessing, I am so thankful i chose him to do my work and honestly changed my life.

 by Romario
Touch Up

Recently went to Joe for a touch up and it’s been around 10 days since the session and I’m really happy about the results. He listened to my concerns and executed them. A+

 by D. James
Highly recommend!

Through trial and error, I’ve learned that SMP is the best option for hair loss. Full Micropigmentation is by far the best SMP business in southern Nevada. Before reviewing SMP, I thoroughly researched all SMP clinics in town. There are many clinics that will tell you what you want hear, but they cannot deliver. In fact, many kept showing me the same five (or so) photos, which is a major red flag. Their promises seemed like a sales pitch, and were simply unrealistic. In addition, how is the their SMP going to look on you down the road? A lot didn’t know because they were relatively new. When I met with Full, I had a completely different experience. The owner, Joe, has a database of thousands of photos that back up his work. Joe has been in the SMP business longer than anyone in town, and he was trained and mentored from one of the pioneering UK artists. He is confident and takes pride in his work. Further, Joe is open and honest with you, which displays his ethics. He is fully committed to making sure you are satisfied with your results. (See the posted photos of my results). I cannot believe how realistic the pigment is, as it looks exactly like hair follicles. Lastly, I want to say that during my SMP sessions, it was a pleasure getting to know Joe. He truly (and holistically) cares about his clients - your appearance, self-esteem, health, wellness, etc. Needless to say, I highly recommend Full Micropigmentation!

 by Clean Beautie
Training with Joe was the Best choice!


Before signing up for the Full Micro SMP course, I did a lot of research nation wide. Fortunately for me, Joe’s work stood out and exceeded the rest. His attention to detail, patients and hands on experience was very helpful when taking the class. If you live in NV you are required to do a 6month apprenticeship which I signed up for, for more of a thorough hands on learning experience I would recommend sticking with the same person.

Looking forward to this new adventure. Thank you!

 by Tort Machine
Bald to FULL! Thank you Joe!


IF this platform had 100 Stars, that would be my rating. I was told by the "top guy" in the business not to travel to him in New York because there was a superstar in Vegas. If the competition recommends, I listen. I AM SO GLAD I DID.

I had EVERY FEAR and EVERY EXCUSE in the world. Yet, I could NOT stand to walk the earth another day with my shiny Mr. Clean head. I grew a pair and I called Joe up. I examined this man, his business and his art. He is the most meticulous OCD human I have ever met. EXACTLY what I needed to see.

I am in the spotlight, anything less than PERFECT is unacceptable. I challenge anyone to question my results, it's impossible. I have ZERO bald spots and I look 10 yrs younger and my confidence is through the roof.

ZERO PAIN, ZERO REGRETS. I feel asleep half the time. I am glad I spent the extra money for perfection, this isn't an area that I can settle for 2nd best.

Thank you my friend for changing the way I look and making me feel good again.

 by Robert Gonzalez
Joe's work is meticulous

I would totally recommend Joe Barghi at Full Micropigmentation if you are considering the shaved scalp look. I had a receding hairline and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad that I chose Joe to work on my scalp. He restored my old hairline and made it look so natural that even I forgot how receded it had been, until I saw the before photos. Joe is meticulous and a little OCD about his work, which is exactly what you would want if you are considering this procedure. Be prepared for 3 sessions lasting up to 6 hours per session as Joe meticulously creates individual follicles to produce the most natural look. Not cheap, but worth every penny!

 by Dawn Oguri
Training with Joe Barghi

After learning about scalp micropigmentation, I decided to look into a training program, but wanted to make sure I found the right SMP artist to train under. I started out by researching the top artists all over the world. I’m very particular when I do classes, I feel you get what you pay for, so I always prefer to train with the best of the best. In my research of other scalp micropigmentation artists, I was really shocked when I would look closely at their before and after photos, noticing that most of them lacked the attention to detail that I want to give to my clients. That’s when I found Joe Barghi at Full Micropigmentation, and better yet, right in my hometown of Las Vegas. When I called his office to find out some details on his next training, I was blown away by his knowledge and passion for SMP. It was very clear to me that this wasn’t just a job to Joe, he was in this to make a difference in people’s lives, and because of that, I was immediately drawn to him and his vision as an artist.

I was nervous and a little freaked because I have been a hairstylist for 20 years, yet had no knowledge of the scalp micropigmentation process, an SMP tool, or anything at all when it came to this procedure. All I could think was “Oh my God, this is permanent, will I be good at this?” Joe Barghi’s scalp micropigmentation training was amazing! He was extremely informative, experienced, professional - I was so happy that I went with Joe’s training, instead of some of the other artists out there. His passion for his art shows in his work. I have now been apprenticing with Joe for a few months and I am still 100% blown away by his attention to detail on each and every client that sits in his chair. In my career I have been lucky to work with some of the top artists in my craft and I’m so thankful that I found Joe at Full Micropigmentation. I’m confident now that I can spend some time during my apprenticeship here learning from the best and being able to one day give my clients something that they could never achieve on their own. I have learned that it is all about attention to detail, technique, and practice, practice and more practice. Every day and every head can and will be a learning experience. If you’re looking to learn SMP the right way, Joe will guide you, mentor you, and teach you throughout the entire training, and even afterwards as he supports all his previous students moving forward as they become better artists over time.

 by Ana
Incredible 5 Stars!!!

I've been wanting to do something about my thinning hair for so long and just couldn't find he right place. So glad I shopped around and went with Full Micropigmentation. Joe is the absolute best. He is an amazing person and artist. I felt super comfortable and taken care of the entire time, and the results are even more exceptional than I ever imagined! Can’t wait to go back and finish my treatments! Thank you Joe!

 by Terry

I couldn't have asked for anything better. I was skeptical that I could actually get such an incredible result but this has truly changed my life! Thank you Joe!!

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