Why You Should Get Scalp Micropigmentation!

Las Vegas Scalp Micropigmentation Service

Male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. Two-thirds of men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss by the age of 35 and by 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male issue, women make up a significant percentage of…

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Hair Transplants vs Scalp Micropigmentation!

By Joe Barghi I have been dealing with hair loss since I was 18 years old. My dad lost his hair, my grandfathers on both sides were bald, and most of my uncles were completely or relatively bald. My chances of having a full head of hair were similar to a drunk tourist’s chances of…

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Full Micro officially turns 5 this week!

Joe Barghi - Founder - CEO and President of FULL Micropigmentation

The journey all started when I had my life changed by @zangsmp (the OG of this game) about 7 years ago. Thanks to scalp micropigmentation I regained my confidence & my life completely changed for the better. I got back in the gym, worked on myself, & continued to improve everyday. I decided I wanted…

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Life Changing Hair Loss Transformation by FULL Micropigmentation!

Mario Before and After 1

When a client comes to us with hair loss, we want to get the problem solved in a way that looks natural and real. With scalp micropigmentation, we’re able to do just that. Take a look at this dramatic transformation for one of our clients who was only suffering from minor hair loss! Interested in…

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See how SMP transforms thinning hair into a FULL head!

We recently had a client that came to us with thinning hair. While he kept his hair longer and had light hair with fair skin, the scalp showing through didn’t hide his hair loss. Each person is different and hair loss comes to each person in their own way. He wanted to add some darkness…

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What is Micropigmentation and who is FULL Micropigmentation?

Joe Barghi at Full Micropigmentation in Las Vegas NV

Joe Barghi, the CEO & Founder of Full Micropigmentation, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the Micropigmentation process and about FULL Micropigmentation as a company. These questions cover some of the FAQ’s asked by clients regularly during our consultations, and should give you some insight about how this process works, and how…

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How FULL Transformed Tyler’s Scalp

Tyler with scalp micropigmentation

After struggling with hair loss for years, Tyler decided enough was enough and he contacted FULL Micropigmentation. After a free consultation, he was ready to make a choice that would change his life forever. It only took a few scalp micropigmentation sessions at FULL to fully complete the procedure. We think the results speak for…

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FULL Micropigmentation on VegasSeven.com

We are proud to have been featured recently on VegasSeven.com! Click here to check it out! “Founded in 2010, Vegas Seven is a weekly city magazine that has emerged as Las Vegas’ most dynamic, innovative and visually interesting publication. With each issue, readers not only better understand their city, but how to live their lives…

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DJ Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia was born in Arles, France to a DJ father, which stemmed his early passion for music and technique. Chris’ career began in 2000 when he was hired as a resident DJ at one of the most famous nightclubs in Avignon: The Red Zone, followed by a residency at Palma in Cap d’Agde. Due…

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