See how SMP transforms thinning hair into a FULL head!

We recently had a client that came to us with thinning hair. While he kept his hair longer and had light hair with fair skin, the scalp showing through didn't hide his hair loss. Each person is different and hair loss comes to each person in their own way. He wanted to add some darkness to the scalp, but also wanted the option of growing his hair back if he chose to do so after the treatment. With clients like this, we stay within the natural hairline, allowing them to grow their hair back later on if they choose to do so.

With this client, cutting his hair and adding scalp micropigmentation made him appear to have a FULL head of hair. This hides his hair loss and has him feeling much more comfortable and confident. Even with light hair and light skin, we were able to make his hair look much thicker after just 3 sessions. He has started growing his hair back and he loves the results! Just imagine what we can do for you!

John 3x3