Full Micropigmentation Training Class

Joe Barghi, Founder and Lead Artist at Full Micropigmentation has been performing and teaching scalp micropigmentation for many years now. Joe has completed thousands of sessions and has also had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students and upcoming artists from around the world. The Full Micropigmentation Training Program has evolved throughout the years, as…

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Dawn’s SMP Training Journey with FULL Scalp

SMP Training in Las Vegas

Why I Chose FULL for Scalp Micropigmentation Training I first learned about scalp micropigmentation from a friend who was interested in taking a training course from an SMP artist in another state. Once I looked deeper into SMP, I was blown away by the results of this procedure. I have been a hairstylist on the…

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Full Micropigmentation Training Program

SMP Training Graduation

So I spent this whole week doing another Full Micro Master Training. It was an amazing class of 4 students who flew to me from Hawaii, Iowa, and Missouri, all eager to learn the ins and outs of scalp micropigmentation. They were the most fun group I’ve had in a while, and also so deeply…

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