An SMP Correction Case with Xerxes

Xerxes went to another Las Vegas SMP company about 5 years ago. Ever since his original treatment, he knew he wanted to have his SMP corrected with us, but he had to save up the time and money to be able to get it fixed the right way. In some cases, the botched job is so bad that Laser Removal Treatment is a must before coming to see us. Sometimes 8-10 sessions of it, spread out 1-2 months apart, so it can take lots of time and money to get bad SMP corrected. Not to mention how painful Laser Removal Treatments can be, it's not fun!

Luckily with Xerxes, since the original treatment pigment was not too deep into his skin, and because he waited 5 years until some of his original treatment faded, we were able to do a successful repair treatment without any Laser Removal. There were a few things we had to do to get his SMP looking better. 1. His hairline was very receding and uneven. So we knew we had to lower it a bit, and even out both sides. We drew the hairline with Xerxes' input and found something we were both very happy with. Keep in mind, we did this but still kept the natural, soft, broken hairline look that he wanted. 2. We had to lighten up some of the deeper impressions that had turned color a bit. We do this by using warm modifying colors and applying them directly into the blown out dots. This minimizes the blowout and also softens the color from blue/green to a nice warm brown/gray. 3. Once the hairline was drawn, and repair work was done, it was time to give him a whole new 3-session treatment. We used much tighter needles than his original treatment and were able to layer our pigment more efficiently by using our signature 3 session treatment to build the density, color, and texture.

Xerxes Before After 3

Xerxes' Full Micro Treatment took 3 sessions, spread out 3-4 weeks apart from each other, but with some patience, lots of attention to detail, and some nifty tricks, we were able to get him exactly where he wanted to be with a nice, youthful, yet natural look. All without any Laser Removal! Xerxes feels like a new man, and is very pleased about his new found confidence moving forward. We wish this was the case for everyone, but it's not if you choose the wrong company/artist. Please remember that saving a little money on your original treatment can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and 1-2+ years of your time to repair. It's just not worth it. Do your research, and go to the right artist and company from the start! You are always welcome to contact us for a free consultation, and start your life changing journey!

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