Before/After Care and Skin Health By Dawn Oguri & Joe Barghi

SMP Aftercare 1

After completing my SMP training program, I began apprenticing under Joe Barghi at Full Micropigmentation, watching as he deals with different types of clients with different types of skin, regimens, and health. It’s really interesting to me when some patients come in for their procedure with Joe and they don’t properly care for their scalp before or after the procedure, even though Joe is very thorough with his pre/post care regimens. He knows how to achieve optimal scalp micropigmentation results, but he is not a magician, and it takes some work on the clients end as well, to get the best results possible. His patients must be cognizant about their skin and health before and after each session.

Sunburn Effect on Scalp Micropigmentation
An Extreme Sunburn's Effect on Scalp Micropigmentation

For the scalp micropigmentation pre-care: you must shave down, stay out of the sun, no alcohol, smoke, caffeine, or medications. You basically want to keep the skin as neutral and healthy as possible. Anything that makes the skin too rough, oily, dry, bleed, burnt, etc can be detrimental to your final results. For the scalp micropigmentation post-care: you shouldn’t sweat or wash your scalp for the first few days. On days 4-6, you can sweat lightly and start washing gently with water. Throughout the whole process, you must stay out of the sun, out of pools, saunas, and any activity that would cause your head to burn or be exposed to extra chemicals/sun. The healthier you are with your diet, regimen, lifestyle, the healthier your skin will be, which means better retention of pigment and optimal results in the end.

SMP Skin Care Before After

Recently, we had one SMP patient that got a severe sun burn the day before his second session. When he came in for his treatment, I was shocked to see his scalp burned and so bright red! Luckily for him, his pigment from the first session still looked pretty good, yet I would imagine that it would have looked even better if he hadn’t burned his scalp between sessions. He still wanted to get it done, but Joe knew it was in his best interest to push his appointment back because he would not get the best results possible, not to mention it probably would have been very painful with how burnt his head was. It’s intriguing to me that even though people are spending a decent amount of money and that everyone will see their heads up close; some still don’t follow the before and after care exactly as they should.

SMP Results Before and After 1

There are so many genetic factors that can affect your scalp micropigmentation results naturally. Your age, skin health, overall health, skin type, oils in your skin, dryness of skin, blood type, melanin, and so much more. These are all very real and part of the reason why you see so many different types of outcomes with SMP clients. There are also external factors like diet, water intake, vegetable intake, limiting sugar/caffeine/medications/alcohol/smoke, lifestyle, sun exposure, artist experience, and much more. Some of these are in our control, and some are out of our control. We want to control the factors we can, and the rest will fall into place. So remember, the healthier you are, the healthier your skin is, the more closely you follow the pre/post care regimen, the better you will retain and hold pigment with rich, long lasting color. The goal at Full Micropigmentation is to give you the most natural, fullest, and cleanest SMP results possible. We will always do our part to ensure these types of results and we hope that you do your part as well.

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