How to Choose the Right Scalp Micropigmentation Artist/Company

The first major step in your Scalp Micropigmentation journey will be finding the right artist and company for you. This is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout this journey, if not the most important. Choosing the right Scalp Micropigmentation Artist means not worrying about most of the things that can go wrong. It’s very common for clients to be wary or anxious when getting this done for the first time. Common concerns are “what could go wrong?” or “what are some of the negatives of getting this done?” or “what if it doesn’t look good on me?” These are valid concerns that we all have prior to moving forward with our SMP journeys. But all these concerns can be put to ease with a very simple solution: do your research and find the right SMP Artist for you! Do not price shop as more experienced artists tend to charge more money, just like with tattoos or any artform. You want to find somebody with many years of experience, as well as somebody who you align with. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the right Scalp Micropigmentation Artist for you.

1. Look through the SMP Artists portfolio of work and make sure they have many different examples of their work. An experienced Scalp Micropigmentation Artist will have many years of dealing with all kinds of hairlines, skin types, conditions, and clients. The more variety of work you see that has been done properly, the more experience the artist has. Some companies have multiple artists, so always ask who will be doing the work to be sure you are getting the artist that you prefer.

2. When you go through a Scalp Micropigmentation Artist’s portfolio, see if the artist does more density, natural or sharp hairline work. Most SMP Artist are drawn to what type of work they can personally relate to. And you may relate to one or the other more yourself. With that said, a well-rounded and experienced artist should be able to properly create many different types of hairlines, work on alopecia, work on scars, and work on density with success all around.

3. Pictures, videos, and marketing are all important, but can also be deceiving. From far away, photos can look great, but when you zoom in to the pictures you may see work that doesn’t look so precise. Some Scalp Micropigmentation companies may even photoshop their photos. Many SMP Artists may not spend the time to properly blend, or they may use bigger needles or more aggressive techniques to cut down on treatment time. These are all important factors to consider when looking at photos and videos. Make sure you zoom into the photos and see the work from up close if possible. By doing this, you should be able to see the work in detail which is a big factor. You can also ask for photos of Healed Clients, as this is always a great indicator of how the work from the artist will age over time.

4. Scalp Micropigmentation Reviews are also very important: the more experienced and professional the artist is, the more you will see this shine through with their reviews. Look across all sites: google, yelp, and even the company’s own review page. You can also find helpful hints on the artists social media pages. On the contrary, SMP Reviews can also be deceiving because of how easy it is to make or buy fake reviews, so take some negative or positive reviews with a grain of salt. A good artist should above all, care about their clients from start to finish, really focusing on the details of their work and the satisfaction of their clients. Another great way to check out the SMP Artist’s Reviews are through Client Testimonial Videos. Clients who agree to make Testimonial Videos are usually happy clients who want to share their experience with others who are in the same boat they were in themselves not too long ago.

5. Check out the company’s facility, office, and treatment room. When you receive Scalp Micropigmentation, it’s a big deal and very exciting. You want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while experiencing such a life changing treatment. You want a clean professional clinic where you know the artist takes pride in their workspace. Here at Full Micropigmentation, we have created a very Zen like environment for clients to relax on our comfortable bed, with a soothing waterfall in the lobby, custom artwork throughout, and your choice of music or Netflix during your treatment. This can add tremendously to the overall experience for clients who expect the best service and treatment.

6. You want to choose a Scalp Micropigmentation Artist and company whose values are aligned with your values. Honesty, integrity, and energy are vital when you walk into any business, especially with SMP. This can be a long procedure, so make sure your Scalp Micropigmentation Artist has good energy about them. We all feel more comfortable with somebody that is confident, knows what they are doing, and have a calming sense about them. The calmer and more relaxed you are, the more you will enjoy the process. You don’t want to be moving or antsy while the artist is working, and a good artist will make you feel at ease throughout the consultation, and each session of your SMP Treatment.

7. During your Free Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation make sure that you and your SMP Artist are on the same page with what you want to achieve. Remember that this is a tattoo and not real hair, so make sure what you want is realistic for the artist to achieve. An experienced SMP Artist will always explain to you the limitations and benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation, and not just sell you or tell you what you want to hear. You also want to make sure you ask as many questions as you can, maybe even write them out before hand to be sure you have all your questions answered. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. With many years of experience here at Full Micro, we are always completely honest with our clients about what can be achieved and what cannot.

8. If it wasn’t already clear from the above points, DO NOT PRICE SHOP!!! This is on your scalp for life! Make sure you choose wisely and diligently. So don’t go looking for the cheapest or most convenient option. That’s the #1 mistake and #1 Regret People have when it’s too late! We see this way too often, and it’s unfortunate. You can easily avoid this if you do a little bit of research and! Choose wisely my friends!

9. Like our Founder, Joe Barghi, any experienced and successful Scalp Micropigmentation Artist should come highly recommended by other clients, should have hundreds, if not thousands of sessions completed, and is usually booked up months in advance. These artists are also busy training others, helping new artists learn about this amazing artform. They are always extremely passionate about helping others, and truly enjoy changing lives through their artform. If you can observe this type of passion in your artist through their work, videos, and during your consultation, chances are you have found a great SMP Artist.

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