Nevan’s Life-Changing SMP Journey

Nevan came to me to discuss his hair loss story, and right away I felt a connection with him. He's a very intelligent guy, with a great life story, constantly learning and evolving, has built different businesses, reads a ton, and has so much knowledge about life in general. I really enjoy learning from these types of clients, and we usually end up developing lifelong friendships.

Nevan did his research, pondered every decision from transplants to different SMP companies and decided to choose Full Micropigmention after he came in for a consultation and spoke with me personally. He was a great candidate for scalp micropigmentation as he was already shaving his head, and has healthy skin which usually translates to great results with an experienced SMP artist.

I've been there with contemplating and trying different options for hair loss. I've done the hair transplant, tried the pills and shampoos for 10+ years, laser helmets, hair makeup, you name it! I spent over $50,000 over the years and nothing worked until I shaved my head and decided to make the leap of faith with scalp micropigmentation. Like Nevan mentions, in comparison to what we spent on our hair loss over the years, nothing beats the value of scalp micropigmenation - the results are instant, permanent, and natural. Once you have a natural look with a frame to your face, you instantly look 10 years younger. Just look at Nevan's baby face and what a difference it made!

Nevan healed

Be sure to check out his healed results in the video gallery and healed results gallery. Lots of artists and companies only post results right after the treatments. But you want to see healed SMP results after a few months or even after a couple years if possible. This is the most important factor in seeing how qualified artists are when doing procedures that will look natural for many years to come and not just the first few weeks. This entails proper depth into the skin, proper spacing, use of highest quality needles and ink, experience with different types of skin, experience with color theory, and much more.

Nevan speaks about Full Micro's 300+ 5-star reviews, and I'm honored that intelligent clients like Nevan who do their research thoroughly end up choosing Full Micropigmentation and myself as their artist. We have worked very hard over the years to create that reputation and quality of work here at Full Micro, so to see it paying off is an honor and definitely a nice reward. If you are looking for world class quality, service, and knowledge, we are the right company for you. I have never had a client that's been less than ecstatic, and you definitely won't be the first.


Joe Barghi - Founder/Lead Master Artist


If you're interested in scalp micropigmentation and how it can help you, please contact us today for a consultation!