Full Micropigmentation Training Class

Joe Barghi, Founder and Lead Artist at Full Micropigmentation has been performing and teaching scalp micropigmentation for many years now. Joe has completed thousands of sessions and has also had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students and upcoming artists from around the world. The Full Micropigmentation Training Program has evolved throughout the years, as has the procedure itself with new ideas, techniques, technologies, and equipment. We’ve had students fly into Las Vegas from Dubai, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Guatemala, Hungary, UK, Miami, New York, LA, and many other amazing places from around the world. Over the years, we have watched Full Micro evolve into something we could’ve never imagined when Joe started the company in 2016. We have seen how many lives we are able to touch, not only through our treatments, but through teaching and helping many learn and spread this beautiful artform.

Full Micropigmentation Trainings used to be only 1 or 2 people, but we now hold trainings with up to 8 people who regularly fly in from around the world to learn the art of scalp micropigmentation directly from Joe. We spend 3 days on the training, fully immersing ourselves in all aspects of Scalp Micropigmentation and how our Full Micro technique can help change the lives of so many people. On Day 1, we teach about the theory of SMP, skin anatomy, depth, spacing, technique, how to use your equipment, ink, and more. On Day 2, we learn about the ART vs MATH/SCIENCE of SMP and how they correlate with each part of the equation when trying to achieve optimal results. We practice on synthetic skin, melons, talk about hair transplants, how to treat scars, blending, alopecia, and learn how to draw different types of hairlines. On Day 3, this is the fun part where we get to put it all together in practice! We practice on a live model with Joe supervising the treatment from start to finish. Students sometimes even get to work on each other to get a feel of what it feels like from the client’s perspective. We make sure all students have fun, laugh, and learn while taking in lots of new information every day. The trainees are then encouraged to keep contact with their progress throughout their journey as we create a group chat for each group that comes through. This means that you will have our full support not only during your training, but after as well.

Joe Barghi found his love for SMP after he had it done, and then found his love for changing others lives, as it had changed his life for the better. He has now found another love, teaching. Joe’s passion and attention to detail is apparent in every single class as his excitement is felt by all his students. His unwavering support, passion, and encouragement is felt during and after every training by all his students. We are excited to announce that this training will soon be available online so students may learn right from their laptops from anywhere in the world! If this is something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You do not need any previous experience to learn SMP, just a passion for helping others, and the grit to put in the work needed to become a Master SMP Artist! We feel that if you are doing this for the right reasons, you will be successful but more importantly, you will be giving back, helping others, with a real sense of purpose.

At Full Micropigmentation, we offer a 3-Day Master Course, and we also offer a 6-Month Apprenticeship with Joe for those who want to work more in depth with different situations, skin types, and to get more hours of practice while supervised and taught hands on.

For more information about our 3-Day Master Training or 6 Month Apprenticeship, please visit https://www.fullscalp.com/micropigmentation-training/