Why Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take 3 Separate Sessions?

Lead SMP Artist Joe Barghi

Our scalp micropigmentation procedure is done over 3 sessions, spread out 2 weeks apart from each other (sometimes more), and if you still need more than that, we will not stop until your scalp looks perfect. If another SMP company or tattoo artist tells you this can be done in 1 session, RUN. You will NEVER achieve natural looking, FULL, layered results in 1 session, this is impossible as some parts of the scalp will take to the ink, and other parts will reject it. If a tattoo artist tattoos your head, goes too deep into the scalp, uses ink that is too dark, or needles that are too big, all in order to finish the treatment in one session, these issues will be a major problem for the client. The result will be massive hyperpigmented impressions and bleeding ink all over the scalp. Luckily, with a little research and patience, all of this can be avoided very easily.

There are more reasons for multiple Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions as well. We always start your first session very light and natural looking, and gradually increase the darkness and density with each session so there’s no dramatic change. Same with the hairline, we are conservative on all fronts, allowing ourselves room to add more in each session. We never want to start too low with the hairline, or too dark with the pigment, or too aggressive with the needle size and depth. This also eliminates the risk of starting too dark or too low on your hairline on your first session, as you can’t go backwards if you start too aggressively. We favor a conservative approach. Same goes for your hairline, we like to start very natural and soft. Then you and Joe will decide together, during each following session, if you’d like to lower the hairline or bring the corners down further. This gradual increase of density, 3D layering, hairline placement, and overall look is how we create optimal results along with the feedback from the client throughout the entire process. This ensures our clients the perfect result, without ever overshooting or risking unnatural results.

Nevan Before After Healed Gallery

Just like most quality art in life, the SMP process takes some time and lots of experience, care, attention to detail, and patience! If the client finds the right artist, understands the process and is patient, some beautiful results will be waiting for him after the final session. This is an artform, and like most artforms, it takes many years and hours of experience to master. If you find an experienced artist, then they will know all of this. Like I always say, Trust the Process!