FULL Micropigmentation Turns 6!

Full Micro officially turns 6 today! 🥂

The journey all started when I had my life changed by my brother @zangsmp in 2015. I regained my confidence & my life completely changed for the better. I got back in the gym, worked on myself, & continued to improve everyday. I decided I wanted to devote my life to doing the same for others so in 2016, I launched Full Micropigmentation, the first SMP company in Las Vegas. I had some hiccups the first couple years, hiring the wrong people, trying to grow too fast, & rushing things a bit too much. Typical growing pains for most artists & entrepreneurs.

It was all meant to be, those were all learning experiences I had to go through to evolve as an artist, leader, and as a company. I’m still learning & evolving everyday but I’m also proud of where I’ve took my passion & company. In 2021, Full Micro was voted best of Las Vegas as we’ve helped thousands of men & women from all over the world regain their confidence, & take back control of their lives. I also get to give back by teaching others about my passion & my journey. I have been lucky enough to establish friendships with some of the most talented SMP artists from around the world who are now a part of the 25+ affiliate locations. With 2 main locations here in Vegas and a new location in Salt Lake City getting up & running, I’m so proud, excited, & thankful…the sky is the limit.

I often contemplate if I want to grow anymore, if I really need the extra work, as I really value my family and work/life balance: I enjoy working out, hiking, traveling, coaching, reading, learning, improving, meditating, investing, playing poker just like 핑카지노, backgammon, chess, & playing sports/games w my kids. But I’ve realized as long as I’m having fun, helping others, teaching others, & surrounding myself with people who have similar energy & values (not only those looking to make a quick buck), than I am staying true to my passion & mission, and things will fall into place organically as they should. Thank you all for your continued trust, support, love, compassion, & friendship. These 6-7 years flew by, and yet, I know it’s just the beginning. 🙏🏼🧿