Stretch Mark Tattoo

Stretch mark tattoo

Do you struggle with scars or stretch marks? If so, you’ve probably tried countless methods to get rid of them, from using stretch mark creams to tanning, laser, or even home remedies. However, your stretch marks never seem to fade. Luckily for you, at FULL Micropigmentation, we can help you disguise or hide most stretch marks using skin colored tattooing.

The Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo aka Skin Colored Tattooing is currently the ultimate, non-surgical solution for hiding stretch marks! We provide an instant, permanent, and life-changing treatment where organic pigments are precisely applied to your stretch marks/scars to replicate the natural appearance of your skin color. Skin colored tattooing is a form of penetrative skin treatment where a specialized needle is inserted into the stretch mark and deposits ink that mimics the pigment of your skin. This way, your stretch marks become less visible and hidden.

With many years of Micropigmentation and Color Theory experience, Joe Barghi has been trained by Rodolpho Torres (the inventor of the Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo method), as well as Jayd Hernandez where he spent time apprenticing and working on models to perfect this method. Joe has built a name in the SMP and permanent makeup industry through years of hard work, attention to detail, and passion for his art.

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Tattoo over Stretch Marks

Getting a tattoo over stretch marks is a quick, effective, and non-invasive way to camouflage your stretch marks. Forget about using countless creams and oils for months or getting an invasive surgical procedure, the Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo is hands down the most effective option currently available.

With a simple stretch mark tattoo cover up from an expert like us, you can hide your stretch marks, boosting your confidence, allowing to feel free in your skin whether in your bathing suit at the pool, or pajamas at home. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, love for the art of permanent makeup tattoo, and our client satisfaction, and we do everything in our power to ensure optimal results for all of our clients. We ensure our ink pigments match and blend into the surrounding skin, masking your stretch marks and scars.

Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks and Scars

No matter the location of your stretch marks, you can get skin colored tattoos to cover them up. Our goal is to help you feel more free and confident in your own body and skin again. And, by camouflaging your stretch marks using skin colored tattooing, you can achieve this, dramatically improving your life.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding stretch mark tattoo cover up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us today for quality tattoos to cover your stretch marks.

We are regarded as one of the leading Micropigmentation companies in the world with many years of experience, that has helped us in developing our own custom equipment, process, and procedure. Clients regularly fly to Las Vegas from all over the world to have their procedure done by FULL and we welcome the opportunity to serve you as well.

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stretch mark camouflage tattoo FAQs

What is Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage? 

Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage or Stretch Mark Tattoo is a penetrative skin treatment, with definitive results. The art of camouflaging stretch marks or scars requires an experienced artist who is familiar with color theory, pigment mixing with different types of skin, and much more. We use a customized blend of pigments that are applied to the affected skin using specialized needles, and a unique technique that has come from Brazil not too long ago. Sessions vary in length and number, depending on the positioning and severity of the area requiring treatment. However, most cases only require one follow up consultation 60-90 days after the initial treatment.

We understand the feeling of wanting to get rid of unwanted scars or stretch marks on the body, it's not a good feeling. While there's no technology out there that guarantees the complete removal of stretch marks or scars, the Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo has proven to be the only solution that actually improves the appearance of the area to create a substantial improvement. The Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo only helps to conceal and diminish the appearance of stretch marks so that they are less perceptible to the naked eye.

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Coverup Las Vegas, NV

Does this treatment remove stretch marks?

Other than a tummy tuck, or the literal removal of skin, there is no proven way to remove stretch marks. The Stretch Mark Tattoo only helps to conceal and diminish the appearance of stretch marks so that they are less perceptible to the naked eye. Think of it as having a permanent filter, taking away the white contrast of your scars.

Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?

Generally, yes! However, there are a small number of people who the treatment would not be suitable for. Your stretch marks and scars need to be at least two years old, lighter than your skin tone, and completely healed. Booking a virtual consultation can help determine if you’re a candidate for this procedure and is required for all clients.

Stretch Mark Coverup in Las Vegas, NV
Stretch Mark Tattoo in Las Vegas

How long will this last? Is it permanent?

This is a cosmetic tattoo so it is semi-permanent and will last 4-5 years on average before you may or may not need a touch up. Remember, this technique is tattooing “compromised” skin, so it may not hold or take to pigment as quickly as normal, healthy skin. The time period will vary from person depending on the health of your skin, exposure to sun/elements, and many other factors.

Every client varies, so you’ll need to book a consultation to assess how many sessions it will take for you. Our approach is always to be more conservative to see how your undertones/overtones will heal with the pigment that we tattoo. On average, you will need 2-3 sessions; the first being the longest and the second or third being a touch up.

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