SMP Correction

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SMP Correction

Repairing A Bad SMP Procedure

Do not trust just anyone with your head!

We specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation, with some of the most talented and experienced SMP techs in the world on our team. This is an art that takes time, precision, and a deep desire to help others in order to be done properly. Unfortunately, over the last few of years, there's been a big increase in the number of poorly trained cosmetic/permanent makeup artists, tattooists and even hair transplant surgeons trying to get into this field. Without the proper training or experience, they’re basically using clients as crash test dummies and causing horrific results. This will be on your head permanently so choose your SMP company and technician wisely!

Bad procedures

Experience, proper training, knowledge, and the tools at your disposal are all critical factors in this business. Inexperienced providers typically make a range of different mistakes during a procedure, but there are some serious errors that keep turning up again and again. The wrong pigments, applied to the scalp at the wrong penetration depth, with the wrong equipment used, and with technicians who haven’t been trained properly. This is a recipe for disaster.

These technicians may have tattooing or permanent makeup experience, but they have 0 experience in preforming proper SMP procedures. They may use tattoo ink, with tattoo needles or permanent makeup pigments. This is NOT the proper way to perform an SMP procedure. These pigments are made up of many constituent colors including blue, green and purple. Over a three week period, your head will start to change color as it softens, it'll look like you have a blue or green head.

Another major issue is dot size. By depositing the ink too deeply, as almost all inexperienced technicians do, you will end up with huge dots all over your head (“blowouts”) or smeared permanent makeup as one solid ink blot on your scalp. Some of these technicians are using traditional tattoo guns/needles, and this is a big No No. Others just don't have the proper experience or training. It’s sad how many people walk into our offices with blue polka-dotted heads. Please be diligent in your research and who you choose to work on your scalp.

How we can help

At FULL, we offer SMP Correction procedures to help camouflage and repair previously butchered SMP procedures. If you’ve received bad service, stop your provider from adding any more pigment and contact us. It is vital that you stop the bleeding before it gets worse!

We'd be happy to provide you with a free consultation, and assess your situation. We’ll provide you with confidential, honest, upfront advice with no agenda and no obligation. Again, please be extremely diligent when choosing the right SMP company for you.

Our master technicians have been thoroughly trained, with years of experience with hundreds of clients. Our needles are some of the finest needles in the world, which create shockingly real looking hair follicles once applied to your scalp.

Our ink will never turn blue because our pigment contains no constituent colors: no blue, no green, and no purple. When you have SMP at FULL, rest assured you’re in the safest possible hands. We are here for the long haul, and want our clients to feel like they have received the absolute best service possible.

Before FULL Micropigmentation

Client received a poor quality scalp micropigmentation from an inferior provider. Visible are pigmentation blowouts as well as mild Alopecia.

After FULL Micropigmentation

With the treatment completed, the client now has a consistent look of a FULL head of hair with no Alopecia visible!

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