Thinning Hair at 21

Scalp Micropigmentation - Las Vegas, NV - Max Results

That fade though! Max is 21 years old and had premature thinning throughout his hair. He's tried numerous hair products, procedures, & snake oils, nothing worked. He came to us as a last ditch effort, desperate to find a solution for his thinning scalp. He came to the right place!

After 3 sessions, Max now has a FULL head with a beautiful, permanent fade. He's been nothing but smiles, giving us all hugs since his final session was just completed. He was so ecstatic about the procedure, he decided to go on camera and speak about it because he wants to tell the whole world about his new found confidence.

This is why we are in the business! To change lives and give guys like Max their confidence back!!! We live for this!

Max New Aug 2017 - Before and After Side
Max New Aug 2017 - Before and After Forehead