Scalp Micropigmentation & Scar Tattooing Training Masterclass

One class. Two leading artists. Multiple Techniques.

For the first time ever in Las Vegas, NV, learn advanced tattoo techniques in BOTH art forms, Scalp Micropigmentation & Medical Tattooing. Two modern methods in the fastest growing PMU industries. This will be an Advanced 2-Day crash course taught by Joe Barghi and Dariana Garcia, two of the leading artists in their respective fields. This will be the only Training of the year to include BOTH Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage techniques in ONE Class! We will be teaching advanced topics so having some familiarity with PMU machines, skin, or tattooing will help.

  • September 15th-16th, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV
  • 1 year of permanent makeup experience recommended

We have no doubt there will be talented artists that graduate from our program, but the best artists will be those who practice, learn, and apply this art with passion. We are here to give you all the tools necessary to develop into not only talented SMP artists, but we will also guide you on many important concepts pertaining to business, marketing, and elite customer service.

Joe Barghi w Logo

Joe Barghi

Master Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

In 2015, Joe Barghi discovered Micropigmentation, and immediately following his final session, he became fascinated with learning more about this amazing art-form.

As an artist and through his own personal experience, he realized the power of SMP and how it can help change people's lives for the better, giving them the power to live confident, fulfilling, happy lives.

“Micropigmentation has not only emotionally impacted my clients, but it has also changed my life for the better. There is no better feeling or business than one where you’re able to impact the lives of those around you so deeply and positively. My philosophy in life always revolves around giving, as it is in giving that we receive.”

Joe Barghi – Founder/CEO

Dariana Garcia w Logo

Dariana Garcia

Medical Tattooist

Dariana is an entrepreneur who came from Venezuela. She left a 25 year old family business to pursue her dreams and open a beauty clinic in a foreign country.

Dariana is a passionate Medical Aesthetician specializing in Medical Tattooing and beauty. With 6 International Certifications in Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Aesthetics, Dariana has become the first Tattoo Artist in Canada to successfully treat stretch marks, scars and vitiligo.

Learn From

2 Industry Leaders


3 Certificates


4 Techniques

Scalp Micropigmentation Master Training

Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMP is a safe cosmetic tattoo method that creates the illusion of a full head of hair (5 0'clock shadow) by adding thousands of micro dots to the scalp using organic pigment and micro needles, simulating the appearance of tens of thousands of tiny hair follicles.

Joe will be teaching his Full Micro technique on creating the most natural and realistic hairlines possible. You will learn the art vs science of SMP as well as advanced techniques in building through multiple sessions, layering, hairline types, depth into the skin, scar camouflage, blending, inks/needles used, density treatments for men and women with hair, business/marketing concepts, and much more. We will cover lots of theory on the first day along with practice on melons. The 2nd day of training will allow us to practice more, but actually applying what we've learned on live models!

Scar Camouflage Tattoo Training

Our Scar Camouflage Tattoo Training course...

Scar Camouflage Tattooing is a safe tattoo method that fills in some scars with pigments that match the surrounding skin. After filling in the scar with skin color pigments, the healing process takes place (around 3 weeks). Once it's healed, the scar(s) looks “invisible” to the human eye. This treatment provides permanent results.


Medical Tattooing Training

Medical tattoos are translucent and match the natural tones and hues of normal skin. This can offer a permanent solution although touch up's for the treatment may be necessary. Vitiligo camouflage is a safe tattooing method that fills in vitiligo patches with pigments that match the surrounding skin. This course will answer all your questions about vitiligo camouflage, skin types, color theory, pigmentation, machines, different techniques and more. You'll learn everything you need for you to start taking clients and changing lives immediately!

Stretch Mark Camouflage Training

Our Stretch Mark Camouflage Training course...

Stretch Mark Camouflage is a safe tattooing method that fills in every stretch mark with pigments that match the surrounding skin.

Learn Advanced SMP & Scar Camouflage Techniques

September 15th & 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada!

1 year of permanent makeup experience recommended.

Learn Stretch Mark Camouflage from a Master

Learn Scalp Micropigmentation from A Master

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Our training course will provide you with everything you need to be successful! Submit your information below and let's get you started on the master class that will change lives!

  • 2 Industry Leaders
  • 3 Certificates
  • 4 Techniques
  • 36 hours
  • $4500 Cost

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