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About Tyler - Marketing Director/Master SMP Artist

A highly educated, kind, and motivated individual with an extensive background in psychology and counseling, Tyler Bennet is dedicated to forward facing Customer Service and communication. A highly trained Forbes Five Diamond professional with a background in client relations as well as the art of scalp micropigmentation. Tyler loves giving back and helping others, making him the perfect fit as an asset to the FULL Micro team.

“You never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do”

Tyler - FULL Micropigmentation

Always trying to adhere by this philosophy, Tyler has learned and experienced much in life. Born in Denver, his family moved to Las Vegas when he was 5 years old. Just like many, he struggled in school with what he wanted to ultimately do. One thing he knew for sure was he had a passion for helping people and creating positive impact on society. He received his bachelors in psychology, and went on to become a licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselor. This path led him to work with struggling juveniles in Las Vegas.

While attending school he also worked in the service industry on the strip becoming Forbes 5-Star Certified. He received multiple certificates of merit from Forbes and internal Wynn Resort mystery shops, each time earning 100% scores for customer service performance. Before that he taught swim lessons for children and spent many years lifeguarding in different venues throughout Vegas. Most recently he worked for a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of consumers. These along with other careers helped sculpt Tyler into who he is today, narrowing down exactly how he would like to serve the community and his need to feel accomplished by helping others.

In 2017, Tyler decided to take the next step and do something about his hair loss. He researched extensively, tried hair transplants, and most products out there to slow down his hair loss. Nothing worked. So he finally found FULL Micro and decided to give it a shot. It was the best decision he’s ever made as his hair is now Full, Confidence restored, and most importantly, Tyler found a new passion. He decided to dive in head first and learn the art of SMP from the FULL Micro team, so he joined their training program and became an apprentice under Marvin Furrow. During his apprenticeship, he performed so well that FULL offered him a position as an SMP Artist and Marketing director. Tyler saw this as the opportunity he’s been waiting for, to help make a positive impact on the world, changing people’s lives for the better. He aligned with FULL Micro and their mission to help others regain their self-confidence.

Tyler spends his free time traveling out to visit his family at their ranch in Montana. He currently lives in Las Vegas and spends his weekend’s off-roading, shooting, staying current with movies, working out, and pretending he isn’t in bed by 9pm. He’s very close to his family that is split up between Denver, Vegas, Montana, and California.

“There is something freeing about being at a ranch with nothing but family and nature”