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About Marvin - Co-Founder, Master SMP Artist

Marvin Furrow has had an adventurous life from being a military brat: his father was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force which lead him to many interesting places around the world, internationally, as well as domestically. Adaptation was instilled in him at a very young age as he had to learn how to integrate with many cultures and people from numerous regions. After settling in Las Vegas and establishing his roots there, a very unique opportunity was presented to Marvin, and an answer to a problem which he had the solution for. This path has led Marvin to become the Co-founder of FULL Micropigmentation, a company which he has dedicated his life to helping others find confidence.

Marvin grew up in Tacoma, Washington where he was raised by his loving mother and older sister in a town called Parkland. In his early days, he spent time playing sports, boxing, and dancing. His educational background includes a business degree from a local college with some time at The University of Washington. After finishing school, Marvin opened a construction company in 2000-2004 and then sold his company to his partner with aspirations of going into the Bar industry. He had a desire to be more involved with people and networking. Marvin’s talent as a bartender quickly catapulted him to the top of his field. He helped open bars like the one at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as Aston Manor, Maison Tavern and 1022 in Seattle. He came back to Las Vegas in 2013 to open 1923 Bourbon and Burlesque with Holly Madison inside The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort. Marvin turned his talent into bar consulting and consulted on bars like the Clique Lounge in the Cosmopolitan and Rick Harrison’s Pawn Stars Bar where he worked with John Taffer.  Marvin loved his work, but still wanted to channel his talents into directly helping people, on an even deeper level.

Marvin noticed his male pattern baldness in his 20’s. Hereditary baldness ran in his family which lead to the inevitable result of losing all of his hair. He did some research in 2009 and found out about SMP/scalp micropigmentation from overseas. He had the procedure done by a company based out of London. Being their client, Marvin noticed how many things he could change about the procedure, to make it better and more fulfilling for the customer. He felt he could correct many of these flaws if only he knew how to do the procedure himself, so he a made a conscious decision to learn more about SMP. In Las Vegas, he went to another company based out of LA, who touched up his original procedure and to his dismay it was more of horrific experience than the first time he had it done. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He then began mastering his craft as a Micropigmentation Technician with hundreds of hours of practice, Marvin eventually became an SMP Master Technician, one of very few in the U.S. today. Realizing how many people in this world could actually use his help and utilize his talents, he decided to partner up with his good friend and successful Las Vegas based entrepreneur, Joe Barghi, to create FULL Micropigmentation. When Marvin and Joe teamed up, they had a very specific goal: to turn FULL Micropigmentation into the leading SMP company in world. Using their previous experiences of being clients and relentless students of hair loss technology, they knew together, they had the right formula to make a huge difference in many people’s lives around the world.

Marvin currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. He frequently travels back and forth to California and Washington, performing SMP on some very well-known clientele.

Marvin Furrow's Training Background, Awards, Accolades

  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Certified SMP Techinician
  • FULL Micropigmentation Master Trainer
  • Trained and apprenticed with the originators of Scalp Micropigmentation technology shortly after it was first developed in the United Kingdom.
  • Trained and apprenticed with HIS Hair Institute as well as Scalp Aesthetics.
  • Has personally trained over 50 upcoming SMP technicians around the U.S.
  • Has completed hundreds of SMP Procedures and has perfected the art of SMP.
  • Has performed SMP on many well known celebrities and athletes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This list includes A-list actors, NFL/NBA players, grammy award winning music artists, and some of the top comedians and performers on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Considered to be one of the most well-respected SMP Artists in the world.
  • Marvin has used all of his previous years of training, working, and perfecting SMP to create the most educational and useful Scalp Micropigmentation Training Program available in the world today.